About Us

Meet Soraya, a woman that never stops creating, growing, learning and giving

As a graduate from George Washington University in Computer and Information Systems, Soraya started her professional career in computer hardware and software sales.  Over 14 years she developed a successful career that required extensive travel and long hours. After being married and having 2 children, she decided to leave the corporate world and become a Teacher at her children’s school.  During this time, she started making jewelry and to her surprise, her jewelry was a big hit with friends and family. Soraya started selling at the local green market, and holiday bazaars.  Over a period of 7 years, her success and confidence grew.

At the age of 50, Soraya decided to do what was seemingly impossible to most, create a successful jewelry company and brand.  Fortunately, her family believed in her determination as she set out to establish La Costa as a jewelry leader in a very crowded and competitive industry.  Fast forward 6 years, and La Costa’s European handcrafted brilliant gemstone collection is a staple with posh boutiques, art galleries, and marquis luxury resorts throughout the continental US, Caribbean and Hawaii.

With a charitable heart, La Costa donates 10% of their time, product, and profits.  They support numerous charity events, donate to silent auctions and have contributed over $200,000 to worthy causes such as cancer research, animal protection, and family support.